SPA-уходы Total Optimizer

Total Optimizer
Treatment for firmness of face, neck neckline and bust

Основные этапы ухода Yon-Ka

  • An aromatic compress,
  • A vegetable exfoliation with brushes,
  • A warm mist with 5 essential oils,
  • Aromatic stimulation,
  • Peeling,
  • Firming anti-wrinkle treatment,
  • Relaxing shaping for face, neck, neckline and bust,
  • A mask to lift the face neck neckline and bust,
  • A serum and specific base for restructuring the face, neck, neckline and bust,
  • Energizing: olfactory stimulation, stretches...п»ї
  • Daily exercize is recommended

A long preventive and repairing treatment, that takes care of face and bust to preserve their firmness.

Result: a rediscovery of firm skin on your face, neck, neckline and bust, it is like your skin is like sheathed.

Advices given during the program for treatment and upkeep, these treatments help to reduce and slow down the signs of age: lacking in radiance, light or deep wrinkles, loss of tone, etc.

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